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The EMPIRE Manifesto: Read Me First! Empty The EMPIRE Manifesto: Read Me First!

Post  Ro on Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:34 am

Welcome to EMPIRE!

You have arrived here in EMPIRE, via some manner, be it Google, an e-fed ranking list, word of mouth or by personal invitation by us, the founding fathers. You have set foot in this new forum, and you... don't really know your way around yet. It's the sense of getting lost once you arrive in a new territory, and you clicked this link because the title told you to, and deep down, you know it made sense to read this. Well, you were right, sir (or madam), because before you begin the EMPIRE experience, we'd like to talk you through it first.

What is EMPIRE?

It's an e-fed, duh. Silly reader.

Lololol, obviously you knew that, and that was a joke. EMPIRE is an e-fed brought to you by some of the people working behind the popular e-feds Full Metal Wrestling and Lords of Pain Wrestling (raise your hand if you've heard of these; most of you are most likely from FMW and LPW, so this part is addressed towards those who aren't), but with a few twists here and there.

EMPIRE will be run like a small, regional indy fed, at least here in the beginning. The fed will only "grow" if it progresses naturally and more people sign up for it, but while the roster is still small, the fed will act small and regional. If you're wondering, the regions EMPIRE will "tour" are the Midwest in the spring and summer, and the West Coast in the fall and winter.

What else is new?

For those unfamiliar with the LPW/FMW system, those feds operate in a seasonal cycle system, much like WWE and TNA, wherein they will hold regular shows for 3-4 weeks, after which they will hold a big PPV event. Here in EMPIRE, we will not adhere to that system; instead, we will borrow a schedule similar to indy feds and the UFC; we will be holding bi-weekly or monthly shows (we're not sure which yet; it depends on how fast the writing process ends up being), and titling them a la UFC PPVs (i.e. EMPIRE 1: Ro vs. Chaos).

The scoring system will remain the same, with a little addition. Again, for those unfamiliar with the LPW/FMW scoring system (because this is the one thing I get asked about the most): a competitor writes and submits a promo/RP that will be graded by a panel of raters and also voted upon by the public. The average promo/RP score plus the number of votes is your total score, and obviously, the competitor with the higher score wins the match. However, EMPIRE will be adding a new twist of its own: not only will the public vote on what they feel is the better promo, but they will also vote on who they feel is the better trash-talker, based upon trash-talking within a certain period of time (usually until the 'promo only' deadline). This is meant to encourage and develop trash-talking, and if it sounds confusing, feel free to ask yours truly for clarification.

We will also be implementing a Challenges feature which will allow burgeoning feuds to finally come to a head. I have experienced throwing out numerous challenges which the bookers ignored for various reasons, but with this Challenge feature, competitors who are not set for any major angles or matches may be able to throw out challenges to anyone they want, in a 5-day Challenge period after a show goes up and before the next card is posted. This is designed mainly for the rookies and the returning, to help them get their feet wet, so to speak. We will announce those who are ineligible to make/accept challenges (likely those who have major angles and matches booked), but rest assured that the first EMPIRE show will be open challenge.

Last Words Before We Let You Go

So, yeah, basically we here at EMPIRE are aiming for a unique, different wrestling experience than what we've been used to. At this point we're not sure how far we can go and how long this will last, but we're sure as hell gonna try. Don't get us wrong - we still love our old feds, but we had a different idea, and we wanted to try it out. So if you want a pleasant alternative, please, try us out, and who knows, we might even be able to make this fed legendary and major one day.


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